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Anime has become very popular among people across the globe. The word anime is generally used by the Japanese to refer any animated cartoon content. But for the rest of the world, Anime usually means Japanese animated cartoons. The anime has stolen the hearts of many children and the adults alike due to the unique making style. Anime comes in a variety of genres like romance, history, drama and comedy. Fans are crazy for such anime and that is why we have a lot of Anime streaming websites. This post is about our pick on the top anime streaming sites.

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With stunning visuals and captivating themes, anime has a massive support from its fans. Watching them will take us to another world where are everyday worries will fade away. If you feel like watching anime online, then there are many sites which offer them. Some of them offer anime for a premium amount. Others will give access to all your favorite anime content for free. You may have come across names like anime planet. But you may be left confused since choosing will be very difficult. But you donโ€™t have to worry anymore. In this article you will find everything you need to about the top anime streaming sites.

Crunchyroll is very famous among anime fans since the service they offer is completely legal. It is based in America and offers a large collection of anime, manga to its users. Users can access its site and watch anime for free. There is also another way where they can pay premium amount and watch all the content the site has to offer. If you are a crazy fan you can even get Blueray DVDs from this site. Reviews are shown for all content and you can read them before starting to watch the anime.


This is yet another site which provides you with quality anime content. This site is free for use. You will not be disturbed by many ads and can enjoy the show. You can make requests for unavailable content. English audio and subtitles will be provided for the animes. All the content is categorized and this makes your search easier.

Kissanime website offers high quality anime content and all the contents can be watched for free. If you want the content in your chosen language then you can watch dubbed content. Even original versions of anime are available. The only drawback you will experience is the advertisements which keep popping up. But the contents the site offers makes it worth watching. You can watch the videos in 720p or 1080p or 240p depending on your wish. There is a forum where you can discuss with other users. There are options for downloading your favorite content. But for this you have to register in the Kissanime site.

A large collection of anime belonging to different genres can be found in funimation. When you think of top anime streaming sites, then you can never miss this site. It offers anime with subtitles for easy understanding. It has its origins in North America and is 100% free to use. But to enjoy a dubbed version you must pay a premium amount. It is restricted to some regions and you may have to use VPN to access it. To watch the contents of this famous site, you are required to create an account.

Another site among top anime streaming sites is As the name suggests, it truly is a heaven for all anime lovers. It offers its contents for free but has high standards in offering the service. Much recent anime contents can be watched and downloaded from this site. You can choose the quality of video as you wish. The site is well organized and searching anime is way easier when compared with other sites. You can see the number of episodes each season contains before starting to watch. The site is regularly updated to keep up with its fans. A chatbox is available for discussing with other anime fans.

There are several sites out there which help you watch anime. But these are the ones we liked very much. Hope you liked our list of top anime streaming sites!

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