TellPopeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey and its requirements to follow

TellPopeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey is referred to as the customer feedback process organized by the Popeyes Company. It is used to understand the customer’s dining experience and as well as to the customers for serving wither better service every time. This survey form will assist the Popeyes Company to know the experience of dine-in customers for changing for menu items and also serve the customers with the better dining experience at Popeyes restaurants.

It is essential to keep the important things in handy before taking part in the TellPopeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey form. You need to provide honest feedback while filling the survey form that can assist the Popeyes restaurant for enhancement.

About Popeyes Company

In 1972, the Popeyes name was founded by Alvin C. Copeland Sr., the owner, and modified the store’s original name. The store name will represent the character or personality from the most famous movie “The French Connection”. In 1983, the Louisiana Kitchen of Popeyes becomes more successful for serving biscuits and buttermilk. The Popeyes locations are saturated across the Southern states.

The Popeyes Company has profitable revenue of around $206 million and located above 2,000 restaurants across the globe. The delicious assortments of biscuits, irresistible Louisiana-styled cooking, vegetables, and chicken. Popeyes will provide numerous discounts or offers for their customers to assist them to even purchase the scrumptious platters at affordable pricing.

Objectives & Motives of TellPopeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey

Find below the list of motives and objectives provided within the TellPopeyes Survey form to understand the customer’s dining experience:

  • Make use of the TellPopeyes official website to provide the entire details of slight inconvenience or distress details of any staff’s behavior with the customers. It could be any issues like food quality or quantity, serving style, harsh behavior, and many more that can be raised by the users.
  • To receive the customer’s rating for the restaurant based on their food and hospitality experienced within the Popeyes restaurant.
  • For better understanding, the management or staff behavior and also the service offered to the visitors.
  • To showcase the restaurant care and as well as connecting the well-being customers.
  • It is a core thing to understand customer satisfaction; work needs to be performed for changing or modifying the requirements, and implementing the changes.

Requirements – TellPopeyes Guest Customer Satisfaction Survey

Find below the list of important requirements that you need to take part in the TellPopeyes Guest Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • You should know the basic knowledge of Spanish & English languages.
  • The most recent store visit cash receipt or purchase order from any Popeyes restaurant.
  • An electronic device such as a tablet, mobile phone, computer, or a laptop along with a fast & stable internet connection.

Make a note that the survey invitation code or validation code will be valid only for 2 days after purchasing the items. Later the survey validation code will expire and not able to take part in the survey.

Rules & Regulations – TellPopeyes Guest Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customers should follow some regulations, eligibility, and rules to participate in the TellPopeyes Guest Customer Satisfaction Survey. Find below the list of rules & regulations that should be followed to take part in the survey for your reference:

  • Participants are allowed to take only one survey in a given time which means that only one survey is allowed in a month.
  • They should have the survey validation code or invitation code handy.
  • No employees from Popeyes Company or their family members are allowed to take part in the Customer Satisfaction survey or even applying for the TellPopeyes sweepstakes.
  • Customers are required to provide the invitation code or validation code to take part in the survey.
  • They should at least visit the restaurant one week to attend the survey.
  • Only legal residents of the USA (United States of America) are eligible for survey participation.
  • The participant’s age should be above 16 years old.

How to participate in TellPopeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey

Follow the below-provided steps to participate in the TellPopeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • Open up a web browser on your device and access the TellPopeyes Survey official website.
  • On the existing main page, press the Take Survey icon.
  • It will redirect the webpage to another new page for inputting your Date & Time of your visit, exact location or place, and restaurant number.
  • Input the total bill value of your purchase order or cash receipt which you had received from the Popeyes restaurant only for its verification purposes.
  • After entering the required information, press the Start icon to start filling the process.
  • You can find numerous questions based on your last visit to Popeyes restaurant. Answer the questions honestly and genuinely.
  • After completing the entire given questions, press the Submit icon.
  • It will again redirect to a new page requesting to provide your personal information like name, your house address, age, contact number, monthly income, valid email address, and many more.
  • After providing the mandatory information, press the Finish icon.
  • Once it is done, you are eligible for accessing the Popeyes Sweepstakes and need to wait until the winner’s announcement.

Rewards – TellPopeyes Guest Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Popeyes restaurant will offer rewards with various things like a coupon, voucher, or a gift. After completing the TellPopeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey form, the participants are eligible to access the Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes winner’s announcement will be displayed on the Popeyes official website. The lucky winner is rewarded with Popeyes Gift Card worth $1,000.

Make a note that this gift card cannot be redeemed by another person or non-transferable as well. The authorities will provide the required information or winning details to the winner’s valid email address after completing the survey. The Gift card will be valid only for a short time and it is advisable to redeem at the earliest.

TellPopeyes Customer Support Team

In case if you are experiencing any issues while taking part in the survey or require any additional assistance then you can feel free to contact the TellPopeyes Customer Support Team at 877-767-3937. This is a toll-free number and available for 24/7 service & support.

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