How to solve Cartoon HD Not Working issues with simple steps

Cartoon HD not working is becoming a great issue to the movie lovers nowadays. Streaming movies online via popular apps is trending in our world. There are many online sites that allow you to stream movies, documentaries and songs for free. People can access them from anywhere and at anytime to watch their favorite shows and films. Cartoon HD is such a movie streaming app that has occupied a special place among the movie lovers. The app is known for the huge database of films and shows it contains. Moreover, this database is updated regularly and consistently. Hence the fans can watch a movie within a short time of its release.

Fix cartoon HD not working

Don’t get Frustrated with Cartoon HD not working issue

Despite being such a popular app which has a friendly interface, still some issues arise while using it. Imagine a scenario where you are all pumped up to watch a favorite scene in a film. Out of nowhere comes a pop up showing you that Cartoon HD not working message. You get irritated but there is nothing else that can be done. To resolve such issues we are sharing some simple ways to make the app work again. If these methods don’t seem to solve the problem, switch to some alternatives of the cartoon HD app.

Try this Simple Method First

Sometimes simple answers work out the best. So try restarting your device and see whether the cartoon HD app is working again. This is a simple yet effective method through which you can solve the issue. There might be some issues with the app’s backend processes and restarting device might fix it.

Try Clearing the Caches on your Device

This is another simple way to fix Cartoon HD not working problem that you are facing. To do this, follow the steps given below.

  • Visit your device’s settings.
  • Inside, tap on the “applications manager”.
  • Once that opens, scroll to find the cartoon HD app.
  • Click on the Cartoon HD app and then press the buttons “clear cache” and “clear data”.
  • This will fix the issue and you can see that the Cartoon HD app is running again successfully.

Install the Latest Version of Cartoon HD app

Sometimes you are using an outdated version of the app. This might be the reason behind the issue Cartoon HD not working. So, all you have to do is check if there is an updated version available. If it is, then install it in your device. We have shared with you the steps to update your app to the recently released version.

  • You have to open the Google Playstore app in your device.
  • Choose menu and then click “My apps and games”.
  • Find the Cartoon HD app and then choose it to update.
  • Click update to get the app updated.
  • Hopefully, this would have solved the issue by now.

If you are still facing an issue like Cartoon HD not working, you have to consider alternatives. There are many other apps like Showbox, Crackle, Movie HD and Popcorn time that provide online movie streaming. You can choose any one of them since all are best alternatives for cartoon HD.

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