Misfit Vapor X features, performance and price

The misfit vapor x smart watch is one of the best wear operating system that is launched by Google smart watches. I have been using this watch from a while and even while giving my review also i have worn it consistently. This watch has fitted into my life so well without any problem. Even it also not creates those notorious smart watch problems like the annoying software for draining battery problem and others. The design of this smart watch is also not so much loud. It comes with an understated look so that you can wear it with any attire. Its black color makes it more amazing. This misfit vapor x smart watch has proved the fact that all the operating system smart watches are not equal.

Mini militia design and a small screen

Misfit come with an amazing minimalist design and it is one of the best qualities of this watch. Its design is effortlessly cool and simple. Although it is a sports brand but still the smart watch doesn’t look so much sporty. You can wear it with anything you want. It provides you comfort everywhere either you are at gym, working on your laptop or going to a party. Its amazing look embraces everything with so much brightness.

Performance and battery life

This smart watch is featured with a snapdragon 3100 processor, 512 MB of ram and 4 GB of storage space. The processor and the storage system are quite similar to the fossil sport but still do not get the enhancements done by fossil for the fifth generation platform. The scrolling system of this smart watch is so smooth and the waiting time is also short. The frustration is very less with this vapor. In order to complete certain task this is smart watch still needs to lean on the phone. Due to requirement of the data connection, it results in some poses. But these are quite excusable.

The smooth quick and relatively seamless performance is something that makes this watch amazing and you can easily take the decision to wear it. Personally after getting this watch, i do not need to swap on another one. It is not at all annoying. The battery life of this watch is also amazing. I used this watch about 8 a.m. When it was fully charged and at 11:00 p.m i checked that it was having the battery life between 30 to 40%. The charging process is also quick and it just takes about an hour to get fully charged.

Other features and fitness tracking

This is smart watch includes a GPS onboard along with the variety of sensors including an alter meter and a bearer scope. It also includes a NFC and a small microphone along with a heart rate sensor on the back. There is no special application for vapor x and the tracking application of misfit fitness is available at the play store.

Price warranty and availability

This amazing misfit vapor x smart watch comes at a price of around $280 and it is available in all black, rose gold with the grace strap, champagne with lavender strap, gunmetal with a green strap, and a stainless steel with navy blue strap. Apart from this, misfit is also providing a variety of alternative straps including a metal link bracelet, nylon, and a metal style strap. It comes with it 2 year warranty that do not cover bracelet, battery or normal wear and tear.

Final words

Lastly it can easily be stated that the misfit vapor x smart watch is having everything that a nice smart watch must have. It is packed with amazing features. You can easily wear it and carry it along for every occasion and you will not feel like swap it for something else.

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