How to access and unblock Limetorrents

Limetorrents is one of the best and most popular general torrent sites that include numerous verified torrents. The index of the torrents is categorized under Anime, Applications, Games, Music, TV shows, and Movies. Limetorrent is blocked in various countries across the globe and even the main domain names are also removed from Google’s Index page. Limetorrent unblock can be done by using pirate proxy sites.

Limetorrent unblock process

You can find various Limetorrents proxy 2020 websites available across the online platform. There are also fake mirror sites that appear like the original site but may spread malicious advertising. Limetorrents proxy lists available on the trustworthy or reliable source has filtered with malicious proxy sites. In case, if you find any sort of dodgy torrent proxies then it is advisable to report the same.

Limetorrent Unblock Process

We all know that for two major reasons, users are unable to access the Limetorrents. First of all, the access should be blocked or restricted by the Network Admin or your ISP (Internet Service Provider). As of now, Limetorrent is blocked permanently in India, the UK, Norway, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. It is possible to test whether the Limetorrent site is working or not. If the website is running or up then it could be blocked by your ISP.

To overcome this situation, it is much easier to bypass the restriction or blocked access by utilizing the TOR browser or a proxy site. In case, if the Limetorrent is down then it is required to access the Limetorrents Proxy 2020 lists or Mirrors 2020 lists for access. You can find numerous Limetorrents mirrors and proxy that are already tested and worked with its status, speed, and availability.

Limetorrent Unblock Proxy or Mirror Sites

Limetorrents Proxy or Mirrors are mainly hosted in numerous countries in which Limetorrents are not yet blocked. In case, if you can’t access Limetorrents directly then it is possible to use the Limetorrents mirrors and proxy to access your favorite torrent site named Limetorrents. You can also find some fake proxy or mirror sites on the online platform. It can mirror the original site and showcase some fake torrents along with intrusive advertisements.

Users are advised to be careful while accessing the torrent site. You can also find numerous fake Limetorrents sites available for access. If you prefer to utilize the quick access method then use the Google Chrome extensions. You need to download the extensions (any one from the available list) and add them directly to your Google Chrome browser. That’s it, now you can browse and access the Limetorrents safely.

Limetorrents Proxy Sites Importance

It is common that the content creators and also the government utilize their legal powers to block or ban the users from accessing the Limetorrents site. If once the Limetorrent site is blocked or prohibited from access then it could be a challenging factor for the users to find another free content site. This is one of the reasons, why users are accessing the Limetorrents Proxy servers for accessing the video contents without any hassle.

You can find various proxy torrents available across the internet to unblock the Limetorrents site. The users can utilize any one of the available Limetorrents proxy websites for accessing the Limetorrent site easily.

Limetorrents Proxy 2020 Sites

If you are experiencing any difficulty in accessing the Limetorrents site directly then it is recommended to use the Limetorrents Proxy or Mirror sites for download process. Limetorrents links or proxy sites will provide the entire access for Limetorrents unblocked websites. You need to check the entire available Limetorrent proxy or mirror sites since some torrent sites may not provide you with site access directly. Currently, the provided proxy sites are working fine and allow the users to get the Limetorrents verified downloads successfully.

Through TOR Browser

The simplest and easiest way to access any sort of blocked websites is through the TOR browser since it includes its own proxy network. This browser will automatically change your identity while accessing the website or URL. It is a similar browser like Firefox or Google Chrome along with an extra feature. Since Tor browser is referred to an open-source project and users can download it without any hassle.

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Initially, you need to install the TOR browser from any one of the trustworthy websites or reliable sources through the online platform.
  • Now, you need to choose your preferred system. In case, if you are running Windows OS (operating system) then tap the Windows button. Please note that the TOR browser is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android OS (which is currently working in the Beta Stage).
  • Download the TOR browser zip file and extract the same on your machine.
  • Press the TOR icon to receive a pop-up window and follow the instructions to connect your TOR browser directly to the TOR Bridge.
  • Once the connection is created, users can access any sort of blocked websites easily.

You can also access the Limetorrents through the TOR browser by copying the Limetorrent Proxy 2018 sites and open the same in the TOR browser.

Download Limetorrents Movies

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to safely download your favorite moves with the help of Limetorrents site:

  • First of all, you need to enable the VPN (Virtual Private Network) service on your computer.
  • Access any one of the provided Limetorrents Mirror or Proxy sites weblink.
  • You will be automatically redirected to its homepage, where you can find numerous Anime, TV Shows, Movies, and many more.
  • Before downloading the torrent file, you need to look for health, leechers, and seeders.
  • Now, you can access the downloaded torrent file by using the Torrent Client such as uTorrent and download the movies.

Limetorrents alternatives

In case, if none of the provided Limetorrents sites are working then you should try accessing the Limetorrents alternatives to watch or download the video contents. There are numerous Limetorrents alternatives available across the online platform and possibly something could be better when compared to Limetorrents (with regards to some aspects). Find below a few lists of Limetorrents alternatives that you can make use of:

Kickass Proxy

This is one of the most popular and famous Kickass torrents. Even though the website is shut down, the users can easily get access to the website by using the available list of KAT mirror or proxy sites.


IsoHunt is one of the best online torrent providers which allows the authorized peer-to-peer torrent system within the help of BitTorrent. With its online index, you can access numerous torrent files which are categorized as Apps, programs, software, books, movies, videos, music, and many more. The users can explore an unlimited number of torrents that can be downloaded without any limitation or restriction and also the same applies for the upload process.

In case, if you prefer to share your torrent file then IsoHunt will allow the users to upload their preferred torrent file through the system. The Torrent file sharing are not restricted within the system upload process and provides access to its users for making the torrent files active and share the same with others. The working process of the IsoHunt system will make the universal level of providing torrent service to users.

Pirate Proxy

Another best alternative to Limetorrents is referred to as Piratebay (Pirate Proxy site). You can download or watch any video content with the help of this torrent site. It includes Movies, music, TV shows, and many more.


YifyTorrents which is referred to as YTS is one among the best and most popular torrent sites over the internet and provides index part for numerous torrent files. Please be informed that YifyTorrents can provide access only to movies. It is not possible to get authorized or registered programs, TV shows, music, games, and software for any other purposes. If you are preferred to watch only movies then YifyTorrents is the best torrent site to provide access to the recently released movies, best ever-green movies in real-time.

The main advantage of utilizing the YTS torrent site is to get access to a few leading platforms that offer the latest and fresh content. The YTS system will fascinate the users and make the entertainment lovers watch the most recently released movies that are published after its first premiere show. Another useful advantage of YifyTorrents is that users are even allowed to download their favorite torrent files in different excellent video quality. They can download in 3D quality, 1080p, and also as well as 720p resolutions.

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