How to activate.searscard Procedure

Sears Card is one of the most popular and best credit cards organize & issued by Citibank. It is much easier for the customers to follow the activate.searscard procedure. Customers can utilize this credit card by visiting the Kmart,, and as well as Sears stores. Shoppers can use the opportunity to register for the Sears MasterCard at the Sears store. This credit card will offer numerous special offers and deals online or in-store to the cardholders.

However, you need to follow the activate.searscard process to utilize the card. The cardholder can have access to various events and coupons. Most of the stores will provide approve access to utilize this credit card. For loyal customers, the company will also include reward points. Sears card from Citibank will offer numerous benefits such as discounts on each purchase.

Benefits of Sears Credit Card

Before starting the activate.searscard process, it is essential to understand the offers and benefits of utilizing the Sears Credit Card. Customers can utilize this Sears Credit Card at numerous Sears’ stores both online and offline. Some stores will accept the Sears credit card to offer various special benefits like K-Mart stores, Land’s End, and Great Indoors.

A few other services from Sears are My Sears MasterCard, Standard In-Store Account, Commercial One, Home Improvement Account, etc. City Group Company will offer the Sears Credit Card services. Customers can gain various benefits & services including other perks and the reward points.

Sears Credit Card – How to Apply (activate.searscard Procedure)

Find below the list of following things essential for processing the Sears Credit card application:

  • Account holder name (Display on the credit card)
  • Birth Date
  • Credit Card number
  • Security Code (3 digits)

You can go through the activate.searscard process via online or contact the nearest outlet for activation. If your age is above 18 years then provide the following things:

  • Display the current or latest resident status
  • Yearly or Annual income
  • Biographical information
  • SSN Number (Social Security Number)

It is also important to provide the rent payment or Monthly mortgage information for further assistance.

Activating Sears Credit Card (activate.searscard Procedure) – Online Process

For registration or activating your Sears card online, it is essential to use a card provided by Citi Group. Keep the mandatory information and the Sears card in handy to activate the card. You can follow the below process to activate Sears Credit card via online:

  • Open up a web browser and access the Citibank Services official website (activate.searscard site)
  • Navigate to the option “Register your Credit Card” for registering the card
  • Input the mandatory information in the form. The name of the cardholder should match the available one with the Citibank services
  • For identification purpose, provide your SSN (Social Security Number) last 4 digits
  • Input the Security Code available on the rear-side of your Sears credit card
  • Ensure that the information is correct and press the “Verify” icon
  • Next, you need to provide other personal information like Date of birth, contact number, etc
  • Confirm that you are entering genuine details. If not then not possible to get a duplicate card or retrieve the information

That’s it; your Sears Credit Card is successfully activated online without any hassle. Now, users can log in to their online account to manage their credit cards. Some users may not comfortable activating the card through online mode and prefer to choose the offline mode.

Activating Sears Credit Card (activate.searscard Procedure) – Offline Process

Activating the Sears Card through offline mode will utilize the other communication modes or phone calls. You can find the contact numbers to reach the customer support team for different purposes. This is an effortless mode and already registered users with the Sears service provider. You can follow the basic procedure to go through the lines on each case basis:

  • First, you need to contact the customer support phone number for Card Activation
  • Provide the mandatory information and card details when asked
  • Ensure that you are providing the relevant information to activate the Sears credit card
  • Listen carefully to the IVR voice on the terms & conditions
  • Just follow the instructions and go through the same
  • After completing the process, it is much easier to activate the Sears credit card

Just wait for a few minutes until they activate the card. After successful activation, you can log in to your Sears card account for performing online transactions.

Activating Sears Credit Card – Mail Process

If you do not prefer to utilize the above-mentioned activation methods then you can follow the mail process. Instead of reaching the Sears Headquarters, just write a letter for activating the Sears credit card. In the letter, you need to provide the SSN number, Sears’s card number, date of birth, and full name. This information are essential for activating your card.


Even with a low credit score, users are qualifying with a better chance to get the Sears Credit Card. When compared with the other cards, you can gain a significant change to get the card. It is quite a convenience for the users to utilize the special deals that are prevalent to access. However, this Sears credit card is not suitable for everyone. Users can get numerous options or offers along with the better sign-up bonuses.

They can save money by offering 0% introductory APRs and interest. There are no flat-rate rewards by using this credit card. Depending on the purchase at different natures, you can gain different rewards at various times. They also associate along with the high-interest rates. Overall, the Sears Credit card will offer a mixture of both drawbacks and facilities to use.

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