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Singing is a talent that most of us yearn for. Some are naturally born with the talent to sing gracefully. We forget our worries as soon as we hear a song. Sometimes we too start singing along with it. This is a great way to reduce stress and relax. But singing without the use of background music is very difficult. But can all of us afford those instruments? No. That is where Karaoke comes along. Karaoke offers background music which is pre recorded and we just have to sing along. Made famous by the bars, karaoke has now entered the world of mobile phones. Many karaoke apps are available and we are here to discuss about the best karaoke app.

best karaoke app 2019

The best thing with Karaoke is that even amateur singers can try singing through it. Singing is not limited to the professionals anymore. Even an ordinary person can bring out his talents by singing karaoke. The karaoke apps have made it very easy for the public to sing their favorite songs and share it with their friends and family. So if you are looking for best karaoke app 2020 , then you will find it in this article.


Karaoke is offered by Yokee Music and the app can be used by iPhone users. The app is available for free. It has around 90 million users and is very popular app among iPhone users. You can record your singing and share it with your family and friends. There is an auto enhance feature which will take your singing to the next level. There are a lot of songs available belonging to different genres and searching your favorite song is very easy. This makes this app, the best karaoke app.


This is the best one if you are not much of a singer but wish to sing songs. The amazing app offers auto tuning which will make your voice sound great. It can be used by both android and iOS users. Six vocal effects are present in voloco app and you can use it according to your wish. The great thing about voloco is that you can choose a song from your music library. Immediately the app will recognize the song and will auto tune your voice to match that particular song’s pitch.

Sing! Karaoke

In our list of best karaoke app, sing! Karaoke occupies the most important place. It is the product of Smule and is rated as the top apps for karaoke singing. It allows you to sing with your friends across the world. This way you can make many new friends from other countries. If you want to sing solo, then you can do that too in this wonderful app. Self recording option is also available in this Karaoke app. Do you love bollywood songs? Then this is a great app for you. It has a wide database of Hindi songs. To get access to all the songs, you have to pay some amount and become a VIP member.

musiXmatch Lyrics and Music

If you are looking for best karaoke app with lyrics, then we recommend you to choose this app. The app offers around 6 million lyrics which come in 20 different languages. Music ID is utilized by the app to recognize the lyrics and you can search for the lyrics even when you have no net connection. You can just search songs by typing in a few words. There is a profanity filter and a music player which manages playlist efficiently. These features make this app the best karaoke app.


It is a product of Starmaker Interactive Inc. Having 50 million users around the world, Starmaker has made to our list of best karaoke app. They have a vast collection when it comes to songs. The songs come in various languages. Songs sung by popular artists are available to you on this app. Live chat can be done and a variety of filters are there to make singing more fun. if you have a VIP subscription, then you can enjoy a lot of songs which are not accessible to free users. You can even invite a group of friends by using the option “take the mic” and compete to win “singing king” title.

If you are having a party and looking for best karaoke app for party, then choose from our list given above. Singing is a great way to have fun and karaoke apps offers us the platform we need for singing. Hope you liked our post about best karaoke app! Have great fun singing!

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