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TV series are starting to lose their glory with the arrival of Web series. Web series have found a special place in the hearts of people. They reach out to a lot of people who have smart phones and internet connection. And, all of us have both of them nowadays. The qualities with which the web series are taken show that they deserve a special place. One such series that is creating a stir among people is city of dreams web series. It is available in Hotstar and became a hit as soon as it was released. To know more about the enticing series continue reading this post.

watch city of creams web series

A Political Thriller By Nagesh Kukunoor!

Stories that center on politics are liked by most of the people due to their thrilling narrative. This city of dreams web series also has a political theme around which the whole story is built up. The series travels through the lives of many people and shows how they intersect with each other. Being directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, it is based on the greed and vengeance that always accompany politics. The name “City of Dreams” rightly suits the series since almost most of the series was shot at Mumbai. Rohit Banawlikar was the one behind the series birth. It was his idea originally which he then shared with Nagesh. Both Nagesh and Rohit Banawlikar have done justice to the storyline by writing a powerful script.

Enjoy the Enthralling story of the Gaikwad Family

Don’t let the rather slow paced first few episodes fool you. As you stick with it, you will be captivated by the story so much. The city of dreams web series will be enthralling that you will see all the ten episodes at one go. All the ten episodes focus on the political clashes taking place among the members of Gaikwad family. An attempted murder on hot shot political figure Amey Rao Gaikwad makes him bedridden. His place in the party must be replaced by someone belonging to his family. This causes a stir in among his children Poornima and Ashish. While it is a long standing dream of Ashish to come to power after his father, it is shattered by his sister. Poornima has always led a very peaceful life with her family. But in a turn of events following her father’s attempted assassination, she becomes the face of politics.

Wait for the Second Season of the Amazing Series

Thus there is more in this city of dreams web series that you will be excited to see. The rivalry between the Gaikwad siblings is portrayed in an excellent manner. But these characters are not all that you are going to see. There is an undercover cop, a sexual worker and many more that add layers to the series. The last episode ends in a cliffhanger, which leaves us in suspense. We can be sure that the second season is going to contain a lot of interesting twists and turns. Many people who have become the fans of this enthralling series are already eagerly anticipating the second season.

The city of dreams web series provides the viewers with a fantastic viewing experience. If you have not yet watched the show, please see it and enjoy it. With interesting theme and exciting script, the series will make you fall in love with it. So, watch the series in Hotstar now to have an amazing time!

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